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General / Secure Checkout of Source
« Last post by R0b0t1 on Today at 04:17:34 am »
Is it possible to securely check out the Lazarus and FreePascal Compiler sources? They are hosted on SVN so I will assume no. Are signed digests available?

I found the checksums page but if possible I would appreciate if the checksums were signed with a GPG key.

Options / Re: Out-of-Tree Builds With Lazarus?
« Last post by R0b0t1 on Today at 04:13:01 am »
While FPC compiles heaps of units in one run, you can set only one output dir, and all files end up there.
That will be enough - I apologize, because it looks like I missed an existing setting. This Wiki section seems to describe what I want. The exact behavior is irrelevant as long as FPC (or the IDE) can resolve dependencies.

I asked as I don't want to pollute a fairly large source tree with files I don't mean to track with Git.

LCL / Re: Form-Designer messes Application
« Last post by taazz on Today at 04:05:16 am »

I "accidently" changed the Parent of a TabSheet in the Form-Designer to Form1.
(And was dumb enough to push the Compile-Button...)
which form-designer? lazarus form designer? if yes then why not revert the unit to the svn revision you started with?
Now the Application seems to be broken, at least the project1.res file is being messed!
Messed how? when in doubt take a backup of the file and delete so the IDE can recreate it for you.

Trying to delete it in the Object-Inspector fails with an access-violation and in the Form-Designer it is complete invisible now!
I still cant find a proper way to revert the wrong Parent-Setting but there is need for that, because a lot of Code is linked to this evil TabSheet, so what to do now ???
the lfm file is text based you can open it and edit the properties there I recommend to do it outside the IDE with the IDE closed for starters (as already advised).

Just hoping, there will be soon a fix for that ugly issue out there,
because the resource Handling  of Lazarus acts
now truly RAD-like for me (Rapid Application Destruction).
It is, isn't it? but I steel do not understand which form designer you talking about and what it has to do with the project1.res

You can correct the parenting of the TabSheets in the *.lfm
but be aware that you cant reuse that Tab later again, coz its NO more registered in the (Laz) resource. Ok, lets live with that...
Sorry you lost me what do your mean it is not registered with the resource? There are only two states of resource it is present and loaded or not present and it never loads the property values. the only thing that can go wrong is to improperly edit the lfm and break the hierarchy of its items.
Any way a more concrete example is needed with specific failure description we can't help if we only know your interpretation of the situation we need access to the problematic behaviour.
General / Re: my slackware sdl2 fpc game not running in ubuntu
« Last post by Handoko on Today at 03:58:47 am »
Is your Ubuntu 32-bit or 64-bit? Mine is 64-bit.

Have you checked missing libraries by using ldd command in your terminal?
Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1. ldd dagoban
General / Re: my slackware sdl2 fpc game not running in ubuntu
« Last post by billyb123 on Today at 03:49:33 am »
thanks, but i did install those exact libs on ubuntu before starting it.. maybe its something to do with ubuntu version.. 16.04 in my case..
General / Re: my slackware sdl2 fpc game not running in ubuntu
« Last post by Handoko on Today at 03:33:43 am »
I managed to make it works on my Ubuntu Mate 17.10.

I just updated my Ubuntu a month ago, so technically it didn't have SDL installed. I checked the binary of your game, I saw 2 libraries were missing:
- libSDL2-2.0.so.0
- libSDL2_image-2.0.so.0

So, using Synaptic Package Manager I installed both libsdl-2.0-0 and libsdl2-image-2.0-0. Problem solved.
Third party / Re: Fpcupdeluxe
« Last post by TheEditor on Today at 02:57:04 am »
Still doesn't work for me.
Mac OS X / Text Field OnChange event not firing on OSX
« Last post by Gizmo on Today at 12:44:00 am »
Hi all

I have a simple text field on a form that has an OnChange event that fires whenever the text in it is changed. The OnChange event that fires calls a procedure that adjusts some output in a memo. On Windows and Linux, it works fine. But on Apple Mac OSX (sierra), the event does not fire.

I found a bug report here (https://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=30167) that is similar, although related to a different component.

Is this kind of thing a known issue and in hand, or should I report a new bug for the OnChange event of text field? It's kind of a show stopper for me because I can't compile a new version of my program if a core (simple) part of it doesn't work on OSX.
FPC development / Re: AVX and SSE support question
« Last post by Akira1364 on Today at 12:37:37 am »
Yeah, 64 bit compiled with trunk FPC. CPU is an i7-4790k.
Nitorami actually already said they were using 32-bit in their last post, by the way.
General / Re: my slackware sdl2 fpc game not running in ubuntu
« Last post by billyb123 on Today at 12:31:13 am »
sure thing, i've sent you the binary, check your messages
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