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Lazarus / Re: Lazarus Release Candidate 2 for 2.0
« Last post by melwinek on Today at 08:07:39 pm »
Can someone confirm this error ?: https://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=34298 because I wonder if it only bothers me.
Suggestions / Re: About forum suggestions [ SUMMARY of suggestions ]
« Last post by marcov on Today at 08:03:11 pm »
// To be shortened...,

Good idea!
Suggestions / Re: About forum suggestions [ SUMMARY of suggestions ]
« Last post by Researching on Today at 08:01:58 pm »
// To be shortened...,
// # =  suggestion start

# Suggestion: At forum profile, there is : Signature: users's CPU, OS, FPC version, Lazarus version.
So, people do not forget to add those infos. // Purpose!? //

#implement a highlighter for the code would be nice and easier to read.
>>highlight ability to code (display only, not when editing) -> workaround using greasemonky on firefox.
 Tampermonkey on google chrome

# create a closed topic (or restricted to only some more experienced forum users - hero members) in the header of each main topic, with valuable links vrom More experienced users. And if a regular user asks in the other parts about something that is in the header, just reply "rtfh". I'm kidding about "rtfh", but it's an idea.

##?By sharing advanced topics with everyone even a beginner can learn from it and might - in the end - even become a more experienced user by digesting these kind of topics.
An experienced user is experienced enough to skip the "polution" in a topic and read only that which is interesting for him.

My personal opinion--and it's just that--is that it's better to add this kind of links to the related wiki page, rather than in the forum. It seems to me that the forum is more appropiate for dynamic exchanges of knowedledge/opinions than for more, let us say, "static" content like that.

Which doesn't mean one shouldn't refer to external entities in the forum, of course; just that if they are interesting (as in this case) they may as well be added to the wiki.

>>You're right. I just suggested a way not to lose important information when it appears on the forum. And it seemed to be practical and fast for the most experienced users.

?>> When you say "the related wiki page", I say: related where? I know there are wiki pages (http://wiki.freepascal.org/), but it is not explicit about the relationship of the subject matter and the page.

So, how about having an equivalence between main forum topics and wiki pages somewhere?
For example, a fixed topic in the header of each main topic with the pages related to that subject in the wiki.

?>>!? That's what categories are for, although I agree it would be nice to have ... let's call them "Topic" pages with an intro on the topic and links to more detailed pages--something akin to the diverse "Portals" there are, now I think about it. But that's a lot of work, which nobody likes :D

# Improve general approach:  invest some kind of extra point system that will lead to more organized forum.
Remember baskets in the shop? Since people have to insert a coin - they put baskets in place THEMSELVES!!
Moderators and Administrators are welcome to ask me questions and discuss solutions. Some thoughts are present.
# forum topic "documentation library" that is read-only and where entries are governed by strict moderation by a team of moderators.
//E.g. the wiki is rather polluted and can not be relied upon as the only source to get good advice.
Every book or article would need internal review before inclusion, so it becomes a real library.
# 1. Think - 2. consider - 3. Communicate - 4. promote mostly adequate people for they're activity.
And get the main work DONE!! Then later - just keep things on order.
# But IS ABLE to create solutions and lead the mainstream.
# idented topic
# solution of topic collected to the head? the person who started the topic - collect the solution he got from community. Attach a code snippet?
# forum leaders encourage people to do this
#See stack-overflow: "good answers" are voted to the top, yet often the answer I need, is several down.
#adding new sub-boards. That is done occasionally, but usually it requires the pre-existence of sufficient topics that will fit the new board (and will be moved) showing that there indeed is a need for such a board.
#Clear structure for topics
# Clear the ultimate function of the forum, and the main stakeholders for it? State the clear projection of the perfect implementation and what is NOW limiting this perfection?

And if it could be done, it still depends on finding volunteers in the moderator team.I think it will be difficult to maintain a bibliographic topic for each topic created.
Games / Re: 2D Platformer Game Contest 2018/2019
« Last post by 440bx on Today at 07:58:52 pm »
Isn't that the company that made your copies disappear over time?
There's a market for that!
Xerox made some really great products and, as we all know, pioneered most, if not all, the graphical interface.  It seems their real problem may be lack of marketing talent because when it comes to engineering, they pack a serious punch.
Beginners / Re: Can't figure out Average and Exit problem!
« Last post by Blaazen on Today at 07:58:45 pm »
I see bug in this block:
Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1.  if TempVar=-1
  2.        then
  3.           Begin
  4.            numbers:=MarkNo;
  5.            MarkNo:=11
  6.           End
  7.         else;
  8.          Scores[MarkNo]:=TempVar;
  9.          numbers:=MarkNo;
  10.          MarkNo:=MarkNo+1;

The semicolon right after else is taken as an empty command. Use new begin..end block instead:
Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1.  if TempVar=-1
  2.        then
  3.           Begin
  4.            numbers:=MarkNo;
  5.            MarkNo:=11
  6.           End
  7.         else begin
  8.          Scores[MarkNo]:=TempVar;
  9.          numbers:=MarkNo;
  10.          MarkNo:=MarkNo+1;
  11.        end;

(I didn't study the whole code closely.)
Beginners / Re: Deploying an app
« Last post by garlar27 on Today at 07:57:30 pm »
How about the Data Base File?
If it doesn't exists: Are created at run-time?
If not, then you should include an empty DB file (with empty tables, triggers, procedure, etc.)
Add a property with that name? For example:

Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1. _VDict       = specialize TFPGMap<string, variant>;
  3. VDict = class(_VDict)
  4.   private
  5.    function GetTran_date: {whatever_type};
  6.   public
  7.     procedure print();
  8.     function copy(): VDict;
  9.     property tran_date: {whatever_type} read GetTran_date;
  10.   end;
  12. [. . .]
  14. function VDict.GetTran_date: {whatever_type};
  15. begin
  16.   Result := VDict.KeyData['tran_date'] ;
  17. end;

It isn't a working example--I don't know what type tran_data should be--but it should suffice you to get the drift..
Beginners / Can't figure out Average and Exit problem!
« Last post by PascalCode on Today at 07:35:19 pm »
I'm quite new to Free Pascal and whenever I try to exit my program using the conditional, I get the "exitcode=201"?

Also when my average is calculated, it is not accurate and comes in an odd format.

Please help me fix this and reply ASAP.

Here is the code:

Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1. Program Student Marks;
  3. Var
  5. Scores:Array[1..10] of integer;
  6. MarkNo:integer;//Number for the array
  7. TempVar:integer;//Temporary Variable
  8. numbers:integer;//Numbers in the array
  9. MinM:integer;//Minimum Mark
  10. MaxM:integer;//Maximum Mark
  11. Av:real;//Average Mark
  13. Begin
  15. MarkNo:=1;
  17.  Repeat
  19.   Begin
  20.     Writeln('Please write the mark no. ',MarkNo);
  21.     readln(TempVar);
  23.      if TempVar=-1
  24.        then
  25.           Begin
  26.            numbers:=MarkNo;
  27.            MarkNo:=11
  28.           End
  29.         else;
  30.          Scores[MarkNo]:=TempVar;
  31.          numbers:=MarkNo;
  32.          MarkNo:=MarkNo+1;
  34.    End;
  36.  Until MarkNo=11;
  37.   //Final number of scores
  40.   MinM:=999;
  41.   //Highest number to find minimum
  42.   MaxM:=0;
  43.   //Lowest positve to find maximum
  45.   For MarkNo:=1 to numbers
  46.   //Finding the Min and Max marks
  48.   Do
  50.    Begin
  51.       if
  52.        Scores[MarkNo]<MinM
  53.        //If first mark is less than 999, then it's the current minimum
  54.       then
  55.        MinM:=Scores[MarkNo]
  56.       else
  57.         Begin
  58.          if
  59.           Scores[MarkNo]>MaxM
  60.          then
  61.           MaxM:=Scores[MarkNo];
  62.         End;
  64.      Av:= Av/numbers;
  65.      //Finding the average
  67.      Av:=Av+Scores[MarkNo];
  68.      //Setting the average
  70.     End;
  72.     writeln('The average mark is',Av);
  73.     readln();
  75.     writeln('The Highest mark is ',MaxM);
  76.     readln();
  78.     writeln('The Lowest mark is ',MinM);
  79.     readln();
  82. End.
General / How to Overload Method/Property Access Operator (Period Sign)
« Last post by jshah on Today at 07:23:06 pm »
Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1. I have following class
  3. _VDict       = specialize TFPGMap<string, variant>;
  5. VDict = class(_VDict)
  6.   public
  7.     procedure print();
  8.     function copy(): VDict;
  9.   end;
  11. Normal Way to Access Data of Key:
  12. VDict.KeyData['tran_date']
  14. I want access data in following way
  15. VDict.tran_date
Games / Re: 2D Platformer Game Contest 2018/2019
« Last post by Thaddy on Today at 07:22:40 pm »
Isn't that the company that made your copies disappear over time?
There's a market for that!
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