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General / sudo startlazarus
« Last post by Landslyde on Today at 07:13:24 am »
Since the database examples (Tools -> Example Projects) need root access, I have to start lazarus using sudo:
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  1. sudo startlazarus

Is working with Lazarus @root level the preferred way? Or just for these example projects due to where they're stored?
LCL / Re: Flickering on Windows using Trunk
« Last post by Fahmy Rofiq on Today at 06:59:41 am »
I also notice it. Object Inspector property grid flickering when dragging form designer or components on it.
How to fix this?
Packages and Libraries / Re: The Brooks Framework
« Last post by valdir.marcos on Today at 06:27:07 am »
General / Progress bar for zipper - how to do it?
« Last post by abmservice on Today at 04:54:52 am »
Progress bar for zipper - how to do it?
I would like to make a progress bar for my application that will pack and unzip zip archives. I'm just starting z zipper, so I am asking for help and guidance.
General / Re: Red Poker Chips
« Last post by Landslyde on Today at 04:53:00 am »

Thanks for explaining that. But those red poker chips in the provided pic don't look like boxes to me :-) 
LCL / TControlScrollBar.Page has bad behavior
« Last post by jamie on Today at 04:18:42 am »
In code I have, I set the VertScrollBar.Page := ClientHeight to adjust the scroll button in the
onSize event..

  There is range checking code compiled into the LCL for this to fault if it gets out of the range of 1..32767.

  Users can and I have also, shrink the client area all the way to 0 height, this generates a Fault of course..

  So extra code in the user's program needs to be put in there everywhere you go to make sure you don't pass
a < 1 value which to me is wasting code space and CPU time..

 If CleintHeight > 0 Then VertScrollbar.Page := ClientHeight;

 Shouldn't the PAGE property simply default to 1  for values less than 1 or default to 32767 for values over that and
save us all from needing to write extra code at every turn?

General / Re: New build up takes 2 seconds
« Last post by Jurassic Pork on Today at 02:21:22 am »
use a profiler to see where you lost time.
Maybe you have a problem with TQ_SeizoenAfterScroll (see Attachment after one change on Seizoen).
And also ComboBox_RefereeSeizoenOnChange is never called because this in your code :
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  1.  ComboBox_RefereeSeizoen.OnChange := nil;

Friendly, J.P
Packages and Libraries / Re: The Brooks Framework
« Last post by RedOctober on Today at 01:24:37 am »
Hi Zoran, thanks.  I now have the reference docs.  I'm wondering if there is a "How to get started" book somewhere, especially for the most recent stable version (3.9.9). 

Platform:  Windows Server 2016 Essentials, Lazarus 1.8.2, FPC 3.0.4

I was able to load the chat demo, I click Run and a window quickly flashes and disappears before I can read it.  Not sure what is wrong, or where to go next. 

Also, I need Brook to connect to the Firebird RDBMS.  Does anyone know if that's possible? 
Lazarus Extra Components / Re: Error from FPSpreadsheet
« Last post by wp on Today at 01:06:05 am »
Since you have v1.9 my reply was wrong, and I will have a closer look.
Mac OS X / Re: matrix unit not found
« Last post by wp on Today at 01:02:53 am »
The issue has been fixed in Laz trunk by Mattias Gaertner. It was an issue in codetools.

apeoperaio, if you want to patch your Lazarus version 1.8.2, you should do this:
  • In folder components/codetools/ open the file fpcsrcrules.inc
  • Immediately after line 13 (Score:=-10) add the line Add('tests');
  • Save and recompile the IDE.
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