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It's ok. Simply I can't understand that way of contribution but it's ok. Circular can touch bgracontrols code as well.

For me will be simple to see the code and play with it.
General / Re: REST Dataware Componentes
« Last post by Groffy on Today at 01:58:16 am »
I've compiled the server successfully and lunch it

Did you convert the demo server project manually, or did you use the Lazarus converter?

Best regards
Estou falando com o circular para ele analizar as mudanças que fiz assim que ele analizar e concordar com as mudanças ai passamos pro BGRAControls. te explicando as mudanças que fiz que no caso do BGRAControls foram poucas e ainda esta em fase de testes pois o redimencionar ainda preciso arrumar porem da forma que estou implementando não esta atrapalhando a implementação principal do LCL pois estou usando bastante diretiva para dar essa compatibilidade cruzada. Exemplo metodos override do lcl uso diretivas recriando o metodo como virtual no delhi buscando uma forma de dar essa compatibilidade na classe base para que nao altere nada nos componentes herdados.

Esse comentario foi apenas um exemplo das taticas que usei para nao mexer em nada que esta funcionando, testado e em produção por alguns usuarios.
Don't worry I can read Portuguese as well. But not speak it not write it.

If you want to make it simple upload what you have done now and I will test it. I have Delphi installed.
General / Re: Multiple errors in my ported code
« Last post by konniskattz on Today at 01:33:57 am »
Okay, thanks and sorry for pissing you off.
I think it will be very difficult to portray the code, especially the way the variables are declared in Pascal.
Não é segredo eh devido a problemas linguisticos. Eu nao falo ingles fluente.
Tenhos as tarefas do dia a dia da minha empresa fica bem corrido pra lidar com os problema diarios, mexer no BGRABitmap e BRGAControls ficar analizando a sintaxe dos post, pois o maior public fala ingles e eu portugues.
No forum o tamanho maximo da imagem é 250 k um simples print screen fica bem maior ai tenho que ficar diminuindo a resolução para poder posta no forum.

Quero usar as duas bibliotecas nos meus sistemas, por isso meu esforço solitario para migrar para o delphi.Mais nao quero que as alterações que fiz fique desatualizadas por nao estar no tronco principal dos fontes.

Sei que com contribuintes do mundo Delphi os componentes BGRABitmap e BGRAControls poderam abrir uma publico ainda maior e uma mair facilidade na portabilidade de programas Bonitos do delphi para Lazarus. Inclusive esse eh meu principal objetivo sair do delphi sem perder a aparencia dos meus sistemas.
 E com a evolução dessas bibliotecas num futuro proximo sei que isso se tornara uma realidade.

Desculpe meu ingles usei o google translator para agilizar nas respostas.


It's no secret eh because of linguistic problems. I do not speak fluent english.
I have the tasks of the day to day of my company is well run to deal with the daily problems, to move in the BGRABitmap and BRGAControls to be analyzing the syntax of the post, because the greater public speaks English and I Portuguese.
In the forum the maximum size of the image is 250k a simple print screen is much higher then I have to stay reducing the resolution to be posted on the forum.

I want to use both libraries on my systems, so my solitary effort to migrate to delphi. I do not want the changes I made to be outdated because they are not in the main trunk of the fonts.

I know that with contributors from the Delphi world the components BGRABitmap and BGRAControls could open up an even larger public and a mair facility in the portability of Pretty Delphi programs to Lazarus. Even this is my main goal to get out of delphi without losing the appearance of my systems.
 And with the evolution of these libraries in the near future I know that this had become a reality.

Sorry for my english I used google translator to speed up the answers.
Suggestions / Re: About forum suggestions
« Last post by Researching on Today at 01:30:52 am »
From the point of forum structuring for search:
There are obvious keywords: Unix, Windows, FreePascal.... etc. - which always give high relevance search results. It would be enough to add them in the name of topic.
But there are programming cases, techniques - which you can not even name the right way, unless you already know them. - this would be the right key for efficient categories.
Suggestions / Re: About forum suggestions
« Last post by Researching on Today at 01:20:03 am »
Again: what the point is: respected Moderators of the "FORUM", as it is mentioned - you are not obliged to ( your volunteer work is great itself! ), but in case - yo u consider yourself interested and situation allowing( you know the situation better indeed!) - supposedly you can:
0. Prepare (by discussing)
1. Set expectations for writing the forum
2. Provide tools (templates, advises, requirements)
3. communicate with people
4. promote those, mostly satisfying the community.

Supposedly, this may solve:
- Shortness and efficient structure of answer/reply.
- Updating wiki (if topics are well structured - will be easy to copy-Paste solutions.)
- Cleaning the forum

The key requirement seems to be - the questioning and answering templates.
E.g. - add message template
<[question] How to .... ?>
<Code sample>
<*.zip - sample project attachment>

Answer Template
<[answer:]  How to .... ?>
<quote question>
<code sample>

As an example of what is harda bout forum: my effort to summarize this topic - lead to hardly extracting 4-5 suggestions. The rest is "explanations". And as Marcov said - // to be shertened "good idea"!!

Games / Re: 2D Platformer Game Contest 2018/2019
« Last post by lainz on Today at 01:14:34 am »
I have already running a PIXY.js window on my browser, compiled with Pas2JS!  8-)
I think we can discuss it right here and don't keep it as a secret  :)
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